Entrepreneurial Spaces and Co-Working Facilities

Nov 06, 2013 at 07:00 pm by tchoate

Panel discussion with representatives from various types of "entrepreneurial spaces" including: shared office/meeting space, state-supported regional accelerators and small private incubators.

This event provided a unique opportunity to learn from folks who've seen numerous startups launch.  Participants heard stories of amazing successes, scary failures and everything in between.

Our Speakers

David Ledgerwood
COO at Jumpstart Foundry and SouthernAlpha.

At Jumpstart Foundry (Nashville Entrepreneur Center), 
David manages operations specifically focused on startup 
recruitment, program execution, and managing relationships 
to the benefit of entrepreneurs, mentors, sponsors, and 

SouthernAlpha delivers news, intelligence and inspiration 
for and about the people, ideas and money that power 
the Southeast startup ecosystem.

Chris Wage
COO, Centresource

Centresource is an award-winning digital agency based in
Nashville, TN that has recently started a small incubator to
assist new tech startups.

 Joshua Bowling

Josh has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of 
entrepreneurship and finance, both as a consultant and 
in an operational capacity. Currently, he is the COO and 
a Co-Founder of E|SPACES, Inc., a privately held company 
started in 2009 that provides meeting and work space for 
successful, mobile professionals whose primary work places 
are home offices, coffee shops, cars and hotel lobbies.


Panel moderated by Tim Choate, Founder at Edgenet and President/CEO at Bondware.